Immersive Design


We are architects and designers

We design virtual worlds

Capture of the Museum VR experience ©spectrum

Capture of the Museum VR experience ©spectrum

SPECTRUM Immersive Design is a new architectural studio model dedicated to designing exclusively virtual projects.

We create immersive VR / AR / MR experiences.

We combine our skills of architects and 3D graphic designers to design virtual spaces with quality, to make immersive experiences more realistic, more beautiful and more attractive.

We work on the quality of spaces (texturing and lighting), with special attention to new virtual uses. We are also very attentive to ergonomics and interfaces to make the user experience attractive and fluid.

For example, we created an immersive virtual museum experience. This application allows you to move in real time, interact with objects and artworks, use thematic, chronological or geographic filters and redistribute the selected artworks in the museum to have a personalized experience.

We design and deliver immersive “custom-made” experiences.

Our experiences are based on the needs of our customers so that they are as realistic as possible, the most optimal and that they remain unforgettable for those who will experience them.




We are architects. And because of this, our expertise allows us to be present on every step of the creative process, from the conceptual sketch to the final realization of the experience, to best support our customers in their wishes and their choices.



Depending on the project, whether it be a prototype, an interactive real-time experience or a 360° view in stereoscopy, we offer a range of technologies adapted to your budget and compatible on all types of device: VR headset, Standalone VR headset, AR Glasses, PC, Web, mobile or tablet.



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Creation of immersive solutions in Virtual Reality (3D real-time) unique and "custom-made" for an optimal and unforgettable user experience.

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Increase your environment with Augmented Reality solutions, with the ability to display virtual content on your device. For example, on your mobile, tablet or Microsoft Hololens headset.


PC, Tablet & Mobile

We also offer a Cross-platform software solution, since responsive design is necessary to make our applications accessible to everyone.